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4K Non Smart TV

So you are looking to buy a 4K Non Smart TV for a cheap price? If so then we have good news as we have found the absolute cheapest deals on 4K Non Smart TV and displayed them below so that you can save a lot of money when buying online.

So the cheapest deals we could find on 4K Non Smart TV are as follows:

A Guide to Buying a 4K Non Smart TV

So buying a 4K Non Smart TV is a very popular option as they are just brilliant but we have some useful information below that can help with your purchase.

So, what are the best brands of 4K TV that you could add to your list when you go out and shop?


4K Uhd TV


You can choose from 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray players and discs available in the market which can bring you 4K content. Roku Ultra, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast Ultra, and Nvidia Shield also come with integrated 4K streaming capabilities. There is also a remarkable increasing popularity in 4K gaming even though only Microsoft Xbox One S and Sony PlayStation 4 Pro support 4K. Not all TV’s support 4K streaming but TV’s build later than 2013 are now able to decode the HEVC video format used by Netflix. Philips and Sony have a variety of TV’s that support 4K, although most of the models in the market from 2016 onwards now allow 4K streaming.

Size of the Bessel

Most TVs let you adjust each preset to your liking.


4K Resolution


If you get a 4K TV with High Dynamic Range (HDR) you will get a better dramatically wider range of colors and contrast. Majority of the 4K TV sets you can find in the market right now have at least a single HDMI port. You should try and look for a 4K TV that comes with as many HDMI ports as you think you need. Many companies offering curved 4K TVs also claim to improve their viewers’ viewing experience.

If you are not looking for a 4K Non Smart TV though we do have lots of other pages that are for the other types of 4K TV, or you can see the Cheap Smart 4K TVs page.

Important Considerations when Shopping for 4K TVs on a Budget

Be aware your set may be left in Vivid mode by default!

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