Panasonic 4K Projector

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Panasonic Lamp Module for Pt-D10000/Dw10000 Projectors (Pack of 4)
  • original panasonic lamp module
  • oem lamp set-up delivers the optimum performance within the projector setting
  • made to fit panasonic pt-d10000/dw10000 projectors
  • lamp module four pack
  • Includes lamp, connectors and housing
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Panasonic ET-LAD10000F - PPTETLAD10000F - Replacement lamp (Pack of 4) for PT-D10000; PT-DW10000
  • Free Shipping to England Wales Scotland and Northe
  • 180 Days Warranty
  • Original lamp with compatible housing
  • Technology LCD Wattage 250
  • STD Life Time 2000
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Panasonic ET-LAD510F - PPTETLAD510F - Replacement lamp (Pack of 4) for PT-DZ21KE; PT-DW17KE
  • Original Panasonic Replacement lamp.
  • Warranty on each lamp.
  • Fastest Auftrag, da on 27,000 lights directly from stock.
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Panasonic ET LAD12KF – PPTETLAD12000 °F – Replacement lamp (Pack of 4) for D12000E PT-D6000ELK DW100E; DZ12000E
  • Original Panasonic Replacement lamp.
  • Warranty on each lamp.
  • Fastest Auftrag, da on 27,000 lights directly from stock.
  • Personalised partner for you.

A Guide to Buying a Panasonic 4K Projector

So buying a Panasonic 4K Projector is a very popular option as they are just brilliant but we have some useful information below that can help with your purchase.

One also needs to ensure that the network can keep up with the bandwidth demands of Ultra HD TV. Because of its great displays, it uses up a lot of bandwidth. For 4K video to run smoothly, one needs a network bandwidth of 15mbps. The bandwidth might be a bit higher to allow you to work with different devices that might be using your WIFI.


4K Wifi TV


That is why before you go out and shop, it is a must to do your own research first. So far, the top brands including LG, Sony, Panasonic, and Samsung come with the highest price tags. You also need to decide how much you are willing to spend. More than anything else, it will dictate the type of resolution and display that you can afford. Size will then be your last focus. This TV is available at a very reasonable price given its HDR performance and no other TV offers such HDR at this price. Furthermore, it fulfills all specifications required by the Ultra HD Premium. According to the Techradar, it is a slick and quick Smart Hub having separate connections box and subtlety in HDR images.

Best 4K Deals

If you keep these features in mind, you can purchase your 4K Ultra HD TV with confidence.


Ultra 4K


Now everything has changed to something even much better than all the previous technologies, and that is Ultra High Definition display or simply 4k technology. It is also known as 4k UHD, short for 4k Ultra High Definition. This new standard has many enhancements over its predecessors. You can expect to pay lower than $1500 for a 4K HDTV of 40 inches, while sets with lower resolution can be yours for a meager price of $300.

If you are not looking for a Panasonic 4K Projector though we do have lots of other pages that are for the other types of 4K TV, or you can see the Cheap Panasonic 4K TVs page.

Are Cheaper 4K TVs Worth It?

Some of these settings add extra frames to smooth out the picture. These visual tricks can have side effects like making the image look flat and lifeless