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Screen Sizes

Here we have all of the different screen sizes that you can get with 4K TVs so to make your choice choose a screen size from the options below (we’ll show the cheapest 4K TVs on this page so that you’ve seen those). There are lots of screen sizes available with 4K TVs which range from the very small (there’s really no point with this resolution) to the extremely large, there are some that are over one hundred inches and so virtually a cinema in your own home.

The most popular screen sizes are the medium screens and so around 28 to 42 inches, 32 is the absolute most popular screen size with 4K TVs as they are big enough to enjoy the immense quality but not too large for most rooms. Then if you have some extra space then the 40 or 42 inch screens are a great choice as you get that bigger picture, again without the screen being too big. And then what most people opt for if they want a very big screen is the 55 inch screens as they are very large and very impressive, you are going to need a lot of space in order to have a screen bigger than that.

So see below for the cheapest prices for all 4K TVs:


Then here we have the different screen sizes that you can choose from: